About us !

A. Who we are ?

We are a minimalist-centered design agency with ideas.
Our focus is narrow and our process specific.
We believe Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the customer.

B. Our Team ?

We’re a small team with huge creativity powers !
Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of talented and ambitious creative, designers and developers allowing to approach challenges from many perspectives.

C. What we do ?

In today’s competitive marketplaces, design thinking and visualization are more important than ever.
Our creative designers work together to create the
ultimate clean image that any business can use to renew it`s identity or to implement it into it`s current image.

The Wabaki Fair Trade Community !

Welcome to our Fair Trade coupon community where the seller and the consumer, they both get a Fair Deal!
We don`t charge the sellers based upon their sales! There is only a yearly subscription fee, no hidden costs!

As a company for the yearly subscription fee you get to enjoy the advantages of being able to post unlimited offers/Coupons on the Coupon Community Wabaki.com

For a yearly subscription fee of only 59$ our Fair offer includes:

– Posting unlimited Coupons for one whole year on Wabaki.com
– 10 FREE personalised Coupon designs made by our designers only for your company with the material that you provide us (images and text)
– FREE access to the business graphic design material provided by our partner website Zenzadesign.com

Wabaki.com and  Zenzadesign.com for one price unlimited benefits, the community where you get the most out of your investment!